Omer inayat

Omer Inayat

Omer Inayat a local lad from Islamabad released his first album called “Be the One” on 26th April 2006. Born and brought up in Pakistan (5th May 1981), Omer Inayat decided to leave a law career in 2005 to pursue a dream, which he too was not very sure of. “It was hard,” he said. “Harder than I thought. Especially when no one really thinks that you’re doing any good to your life, and all you look at makes you feel just that, doesn’t really help. But I guess one who can take all that and work hard to achieve what they really want from life, are truly those who believe in what they do.” Graduating as a lawyer From Wolver Hampton and being a Music icon might be a swing but all is well that ends well.

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